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Hey guys! Are you looking for some extra cash at the end of your month, without having to leave your home, or pay any money towards sign up and/or membership fees? If so, then the websites listed below are a perfect start for you. I have been researching sites that will give me some extra dollars in my bank account.

Being a single mother, I understand the everyday struggles of trying to simply make ends-meet. I have encountered many scam sites and ‘Get Rich Quick’ schemes, with false promises of free training and membership, only to join and get slammed by hundreds or even thousands of dollars in fees! If you’ve experienced this then you understand the frustration and disappointment I’m talking about. Fortunately, I have found a few legitimate websites, which are completely free to join and allow you to start earning money straight away!

I will be adding more sites to the list over time, but you can try these ones to start with. Like I said, they are totally free (no hidden fees I promise you) and you can literally start earning money within minutes of joining!

  • PLEASE NOTE: These are not get rich quick schemes, they are simply sites to earn some extra fast cash!

I have provided some of the best sites (in my opinion) that I have earned fast cash from, however there are many more, and the more you join, the more you can earn!

Earning money from home can be quite simple.



ClixSense  – ClixSense is one of the top PTC (Paid To Click) websites online today. It is personally one of my favourite places to earn some fast cash. It is one of the most trusted and secure sites and extremely easy to navigate! To earn money with ClixSense you can watch ads, take surveys, complete offers and simple tasks, and play ClixGrid where you can win up to $10.00 every single day! Try ClixSense first. It is easy to navigate and very ‘User Friendly’.

Neobux – Neobux is simple. You click on ads and earn money! Once you’ve watched your ads and earned your cash, you then get free entries into a draw where you can earn more cash! The amount of entries you get all depends on how many ads you watch. There is also offers, surveys and mini-jobs you can complete to earn more money in the offers menu of this site! The simplicity of Neobux is what makes it one of my favourite places to earn money from home.

Vindale             Email Pays U

Cliquebook      Cliquesteria


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